Dawson Volunteer Fire Company


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The people and moments that have created who we are today!


The old First Presbyterian Church of Dawson in 1924 became the Dawson Volunteer Fire Company.


Dawson V.F.C. Firemen from the Early 1900's.


First Annual Convention of the Fayette County Association at Dawson V.F.C. July 14-15, 1939.


Nov 16, 1964 Dawson V.F.C. Dedicated
Co. Commisioner Mike Karolcik, Albert Mong Jr, Director & Chairman Al Potthoff, Judge Eustace Bane, H.C. Livingston, Fire Chief J.W. Sproat, Mayor Frank Lamanna.


Ray Fosbrink, Jack Keffer, Don Kerr, Jim Rearick Sr., Ted Herbert


Dawson VFC * 211 Galley St. * Dawson * PA * 15428